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Indulge in Tradition


Central California Baking Company (CCBC) is located in the heart of San Joaquin Valley, California. In November of 2019, we proudly began baking Svenhard’s® artisan pastries.

Our Svenhard’s® pastries are crafted with the traditional old world recipes dating back to their Swedish origins from the end of the 19th century. Our bakers are dedicated to preserving the time honored quality and taste you have come to expect from Svenhard’s® pastry for over 60 years.

We are delighted to offer iconic pastries in the form of claws, horns and snails, which many have come to love.

So, share a great tasting treat with someone today and we will happily continue to bake more!

Enjoy and we hope you come back again.

CCBC is proud to be a part of United States Bakery, a family owned company for over 100 years.


Our people strive to maintain superior quality, provide you, the customer, with outstanding value, & offer exceptional service that will make you smile!